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Roundhay Park Event Messages PDF Print E-mail
Leeds Roundhay Park Event 2007
Tuesday, 06 November 2007

Councillor Reverend
Alan Taylor
Deputy Lord Mayor of Leeds

Roundhay Park Event Messages

Bhai Sahib Mohinder Singh

Bhai Sahib
Mohinder Singh

Spiritual Successor & Chairman
Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh / Greetings.

Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha (GNNSJ) has held Sikh Religious and Educational Events several times in London, Kenya and Barcelona as part of our mission of propagating the Sikh Faith and vision of involving ourselves in interfaith initiatives and cooperation. Our widely acclaimed participation in The Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions (CPWR) international event – Pathways to Peace: the Wisdom of Listening, the Power of Commitment – in Barcelona in June 2004 has amply demonstrated the positive ‘outreach’ that is possible and achievable through such events at grassroots level. These intense religious and educational events are an opportunity for both Sikhs and non-Sikhs to witness a myriad of activities that are an essential part of the Sikh way of life. Whilst much GNNSJ activity has been located in London and recently in Scotland, it was felt that a sizeable Sikh community in Yorkshire would benefit from the holding of this event in Leeds.

It is our sincere hope that you will be able to participate in the Akhand Paath, Kirtan, Exhibition, Interfaith meetings as well as the Amrit Sanchar. This is a time for you to make a commitment to practise your faith and indeed to renew your faith. GNNSJ is dedicated to the selfless service of humanity in the name of The Founder of the Sikh Dharam, Guru Nanak, who initiated and propagated the principles of profound spirituality, integrity, courage, selflessness and love for God’s creation. This religious and educational event is an opportunity to witness at first hand the immense love and humility that can be harnessed and utilised through the practice of the three basic Sikh faith tenets of Simran (prayer and wisdom), Kirat Karo (earning a livelihood whilst conscious of His presence) and Wand Shakna (sharing with others). The three cardinal questions of – Where have we come from? What is our purpose on this Mother planet? And Where will we end up? - help us enormously in clarifying our identity and goal in life. It is these three tenets and questions that one needs to answer and inculcate in the practice of everyday life for its enrichment.

It is my sincere hope that this Sikh Religious and Educational Event will be productive and where we can share and learn from each other. It is hoped that with the Lord’s blessing, this will be a rewarding experience for all of us. Please accept my heartiest welcome and thank-you for your anticipated participation.

In God’s service

I am delighted to have been invited to say a few words about the Sikh Religious Educational and Interfaith event, taking place in Leeds.

I extend best wishes to all those who have been involved in the organisation of this Festival, which will help to highlight and celebrate cultural diversity and community cohesion in this year, marking 800 years since the granting of the Charter of the Borough of Leeds.

I am sure that the Festival will be a great success and be enjoyed by and benefit all who attend and I look forward to meeting organisers and visitors, when I attend the Opening Event, at Roundhay Park on the 11th October 2007.

Alan Taylor

Councillor Reverend
Alan Taylor

Deputy Lord Mayor of Leeds

Councillor Mark Harris
Leader of Leeds City Council

This is an important year celebrating the Guru Granth Sahib, and an important year for celebrating Leeds.

The event will provide a special opportunity for the Sikh community, together with people from many different faiths to find out more about each other, to celebrate what they have in common, and to value what makes each of them unique.

These values of tolerance, understanding and respect are at the heart of what makes Leeds a great city and I would like to send my very warmest wishes to everyone coming to Roundhay Park for this event.

I welcome the initiative that has been taken by the Gurdwara Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib receiving Guruship and the 800th Anniversary of the Leeds Charter. This initiative is not just a celebration of the two important anniversaries; it is also a symbol of prayer- prayer for the welfare of the City. For in the welfare of the City is the welfare of all its residents in all our variety. I like the concept of civic Gospel and want to encourage widest participation in this discussion so that we can discern together the values that will guide us as we work for the welfare of all.

One of the key ‘Gospel’ values for me is dialogue, respectful conversation.

Prayer and conversation is an important methodology for discerning ways forward. We must all ensure that all our deliberations are inclusive –we need all the wisdom of all the faiths, political ideologies, and sciences- to seek the welfare of the City today.

I send warm greetings and good wishes on behalf of the Yorkshire and Humber Faiths Forum.

Inderjit Bhogal

Inderjit Bhogal
Yorkshire & Humber
Faith Forums

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